Sustainable Sustainability is a 2 day 2 night Startathon to empower and nurture entrepreneurs, makers and innovators to solve real-world problems and kick-start their journey into the community of innovative and sustainable businesses.

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Renewable Materials

Waste harvests like straws are often burnt away if not used. Open field burning of agriculatural straws has led to enhanced green house effect causing global warming and climate change. Innovative products designed using renewable materials made from waste straws can go a long way to promote a more sustainable environment.

RenewMaterial is a company that specializes in transforming waste straws into strong wood-like material. These RenewMaterial straw woods have the same, if not more advantages than conventional wood. As great as this material sounds, many consumers are still unaware of this material and continue to propel the timber industries, sometimes leading to unsustainable logging.With increasing adoption of straw wood in our daily lives, the impact of unsustainable logging can be reduced.

By making use of RenewMaterial, design an innovative product solution that leverages on its unique properties to encourage higher adoption of RenewMaterial.

Download RenewMaterial Specification Sheet.
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Food Wastage

There is a whopping 17% more food per person than 30 years ago. However, there is also increased food wastage along the supply chain from the farm to the serving table. Combating food wastage can ideally solve both a societal and environmental problem, making the world a more liveable future.

Management of food waste is a big problem in any country, be it in the urban or agricultural zones. Globally, ⅓ of the food produced worldwide for consumption is wasted. That is 1.3 billion tons. Under the umbrella of food waste, it has namely three categories: waste in production, waste in consumption and waste in storage (expired products). Output of food wastage can be better minimised through regulation of food generation, regulation in food consumption and food storage, and improving of current operational processes in businesses.

With the materials provided, do come up with an innovative technology, product design and prototype or business model that will effectively reduce food wastage.
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Healthy Building

Green buildings are constructed with aim to reduce the overall impact of the building on human health and the natural environment by either efficiently using energy, water, and other resources and hence reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

Increasingly, there is a shift in focus towards making buildings smarter and more sustainable, with innovation in either architecture, technology or even simple tenancy arrangement. A sustainable building design will allow a more efficient use of electricity and energy, cleaner and healthier air quality, and a better control of water usage amongst tenants and building owners. It is the perfect example of how saving the environment can go hand-in-hand with cost savings and profit making. However, in terms of technological development, much more can be done to introduce new methods/technology/ innovations to make buildings more sustainable.

Using the materials provided for smart buildings, come up with an innovative product design and prototype or business model that effectively demonstrates the goals of sustainable sustainability.
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Plastic Waste

Plastic is one of the most used material due to its versatility. However, it is not biodegradable and is hence lambasted as one of the most unenvironmentally friendly material. Leading to many dumping ground from the ocean to land leaving a mess for not just the youths of our generation but for generations to come.

Plastic have slowly become an essential tool for many all around the world. However, the disposal of plastic bags often carries along many environmental issues. One of the major contributor to environmental unfriendliness is Single-use plastics, also referred to as disposable plastics, used for plastic packaging and include items intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. Plastic disposal can also be better managed, from the point of disposal, segregation of plastic type and ultimately to the management of waste (of burning or recycling or others). Responsibilities lies with all of us, from the top levels to the grassroots.

With the resources and materials given, come up with an innovative product design or prototype. (Optional: consider working with the various stakeholders, i.e. government, rubbish chute collection companies, etc, in your idea)


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Up to 3 Beginner and ready-to-use coding skills and tools workshops to expedite their POC.
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Up to 2 Slides making and Pitch training to properly express and present ideas and products
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Up to 3 Beginner making kits and tools to create a Minimum Viable Product
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Experienced mentors will be around for participants to bounce ideas to.

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Event Details

Date & Time

Date: 2nd Nov '18 - 4th Nov '18
Registration: 6.30pm on 2nd Nov '18
Dismissal: 5pm on 4th Nov '18


InnoSpace新零售实验室 / InnoSpace RetailTech Lab
Room 201, B building, Li Cheng Fang, 2000 Yishan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

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